The Ballwhip batting tee is guaranteed to be the simplest, safest, most
durable batting practice device you have ever used. Easily attached to
any chain link fence, it will give you years of service for any age group
from 5 to 105 years of age. Replaces the old fashioned batting tee and
can be used in a batting cage for warm-up before going to the on-deck
circle. Much more effective than blindly swinging a bat while staring off
into the distance, it gives the batter a focal point while encouraging a
perfect, level swing.

K.J. West Boca Raton, Florida "it works well, especially for kids
that are learning to hit, and it's good practice for all levels"

S.P. Boca Raton, Florida "Kids that can't hit the broad side of a
barn, start hitting like they've been playing for years."

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Tips For A Successfull Batting Practice